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Vincent K

Bought for my mum. this has helped to her reVery effective, Popped 4 tablets/day and the mild cold symptoms went away the next morning. Definitely more effective than VitC.lieve her pains.

Melvin Lim

Bought for my family. Highly recommended by my friend who has few times close contacts with covid patients and remains negative.

Amy Ng


KY Lim

My FIL share with me this marvellous product, took it twice when i 1st felt a little sore in my throat, with runny nose too. surprisingly my throat got better and all my flu symthoms were gone by day3

Huiming Z

Bought for my mum. they called "Bone Essential™" this has helped to her relieve her pains.

Ben Ong

Hi-SLEEP product, used to toss and turn for at least 30 mins before falling asleep, now having a great night sleep and waking up feeling so recharged the next day

Mrs Goh

Daily cooking, washing, marketing, housekeeping always cause me backache, hand and leg cramp, stiff and numb. My knee pain and cracking sound while walking. These entire problems make me frustrated and moody. After listening to 97.2 radio station, recommended Q&N Bone Essential & Plant Glucosamine and is very suitable for my issue. I take for about 2-3 bottles, it really works and helps to reduce my pain and now I really enjoy my housework and also can continue my activities at community centre.

Dennis Lim

My Mom had bad knee with cracking noises when moving up the stairs. Nowadays she took the stairs up home at level3. Did not choose to believe the TV commercial at first, i am now 101% convinced and mom is actually helping to share this superb remedy to her group of aunties.👍