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An Insurance for Your Bones and Joints

BONE ESSENTIALTM is formulated with calcium L-aspartate (amino acid chelated calcium), turmeric and aloe vera. Calcium L-aspartate is plant-based calcium ingredient with higher absorption. It supplements calcium and strengthens bones and joints.

Calcium L-aspartate (465mg) New generation plant-based calcium (Amino Acid-chelated calcium: US patent 4863898). L-aspartate, a “biocarrier” derived from wild yam, carries calcium directly to the bone to be absorbed, which makes the absorption rate of calcium from BONE ESSENTIALTM very high. In addition, it has no stimulation of the stomach.

Turmeric (120mg) Supports blood circulation of bones and joints as well as relieves bone and joint discomfort.

Aloe Vera (60mg) As dietary fibre, it supports calcium absorption.

Calcium L-aspartate- 465mg, Turmeric- 120mg & Aloe Vera- 60mg.

Oral, 2-3 times daily.
Low [maintenance]
: 2 caplets/day for bone health maintenance, Moderate-calcium deficiency: 3 caplets/day, High- calcium deficiency: 4-6 caplets/day.

Before or after meal.


Based on 17 reviews

CT Ang - 01-06-2022

My family has been taking this product for many years. No more backpain. Good!

LOH KIAHOWE - 20-06-2022

My mum after taking QN Bone Essential, and her legs had great improved. Now she willing to go outing with us more often.

Wendy Eng - 04-07-2022

I know QN Wellness on TV, my dad works on a construction site and needs to move around the site. I bought him Bone Essential & Plant Glucosamine for Father's Day. My dad used it for about a week and felt great.

Jef Wang - 05-07-2022

吃了不同牌子的补钙产品,还是感觉全能钙最适合我。晚上睡觉腰不再酸痛, 走起路也感觉轻松很多。

Lee Lee - 13-07-2022

Good product. Will continue to take

Dolly Tan - 28-12-2022

Their bone essential and plant glucosamine work best for me and my hubby.

Huiming Zhang - 28-12-2022

For my mum, to relieve in her backpain.

James Lee - 28-12-2022

Good Product! My Doc is also surprised to see such a fast recovery.

Ray Ang - 28-12-2022

Both my parents said their backpain has gone. Thanks!

Rob Johnson - 30-12-2022

My wife use this to control and limit the effects of her osteoporosis. Bone essential has been the best supplemental drug for such condition since 2019.

kk Chong - 30-12-2022

My dad takes QN Bone Essentials for a long time. Is very good product.

Lucy Ong - 04-01-2023

Many of my friend is taking this brand. I'm trying for my legs as lately I feel pain and wobbly, esp after my weekend cycling with my kids. Hope it helps.

LB Chong - 11-01-2023

This is my second purchase for my wife. Her joint pain and backache have gone and she would sleep better at night and can climb 5 stories of staircase easily.

Stefanie Sun - 17-01-2023

Weekend marketing was so torturing, arms and legs always aches. I can now walk a longer distance and able to carry more stuff.

Lim Lim - 17-01-2023

The effect is obvious. I bought Super Value Pack of Bone supplements, and get tote bag free gift. Thank you

Melvin Wee - 16-02-2023

Helps my godmother's knees a lot. Now at least can walk without pain.

Carrie Wong - 20-03-2023

Good. no more backaches at night and can sleep well.

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