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Bone Essentials™ - 60 Tablets x 1 box

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An Insurance for Your Bones and Joints


BONE ESSENTIALTM is formulated with calcium L-aspartate (amino acid chelated calcium), turmeric and aloe vera. Calcium L-aspartate is plant-based calcium ingredient with higher absorption. It supplements calcium and strengthens bones and joints.

Calcium L-aspartate (465mg) New generation plant-based calcium (Amino Acid-chelated calcium: US patent 4863898). L-aspartate, a “biocarrier” derived from wild yam, carries calcium directly to the bone to be absorbed, which makes the absorption rate of calcium from BONE ESSENTIALTM very high. In addition, it has no stimulation of the stomach.

Turmeric (120mg) Supports blood circulation of bones and joints as well as relieves bone and joint discomfort.

Aloe Vera (60mg) As dietary fibre, it supports calcium absorption.

Calcium L-aspartate 465mg, Turmeric 120mg Aloe Vera 60mg.

Oral, 2-3 times daily.
Low: 2 tablets/day for bone health maintenance. Moderate: 3 tablets/day.
High: 4-6 tablets/day. Before or after meal.


Based on 1 reviews

LOH - 20-06-2022

My mum after taking QN Bone Essential, and her legs had great improved. Now she willing to go outing with us more often.

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