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Cool Beauty™ - 60 Capsules x 1 box

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Look Young Feel young

COOL BEAUTYTM is formulated with radix puerariae isoflavonoid, calcium L-aspartate and zinc lactate. The isoflavones in are extracted from wild arrowroot. It helps healthy complexion, energy, vitality and mild symptoms of menopause.


Wild Arrowroot Extract

The main ingredient of COOL BEAUTYTM, wild arrowroot extract is rich in various isoflavones. It helps healthy complexion, skin elasticity, energy, vitality, mild symptoms of menopause and maintain good sleep.

Calcium L-aspartate

Plant-based calcium. Helps calcium-deficiency effects and supports emotion health.

Zinc Lactate

Helps zinc-deficiency effects and supports good female metabolism.

Per capsule: Radix Puerariae 45mg, Calcium L-aspartate 350mg, Zinc Lactate 25mg.

Oral, 1 to 2 times daily, Before or after meal.
35-45 years old females: 1 to 2 capsules daily.
45-55 years old females: 2 to 3 capsules daily.
Above 55 years old females: 3 capsules daily.
(Unsuitable for women during menstruation period, pregnant and lactating women


Based on 1 reviews

Helen - 23-06-2022

The hotline service is very good. My mother called QN's hotline. She is 56 years old and they introduced it to my mother patiently. Currently purchased cool Beauty, Bone Essential and Plant Glucosamine. If it works well, I will buy it for my mom again.

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