Cool Beauty™ + Immune Care™ - 60 Veggie Capsules / Caplets x 2 boxes

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Look Young Feel young

COOL BEAUTYTM is formulated with radix puerariae isoflavonoid, calcium L-aspartate and zinc lactate. The isoflavones in are extracted from wild arrowroot. It helps healthy complexion, energy, vitality and mild symptoms of menopause.


Wild Arrowroot Extract

The main ingredient of COOL BEAUTYTM, wild arrowroot extract is rich in various isoflavones. It helps healthy complexion, skin elasticity, energy, vitality, mild symptoms of menopause and maintain good sleep.

Calcium L-aspartate

Plant-based calcium. Helps calcium-deficiency effects and supports emotion health.

Zinc Lactate

Helps zinc-deficiency effects and supports good female metabolism.

Triple Ingredients for Your Immunity

Immunity is very important to our health. Some plant-based ingredients help support good immunity. IMMUNE- CARETM is formulated with three natural ingredients for your immunity.


Vitamin C For short-term and long-term immunity benefits, Vitamin C is a basic supplement. It helps support airway epithelial cells and respiratory system health.

Garlic Extract Rich in garlic extract, allicin helps to support healthy immune system and build up weak body.

Propolis  A natural immune-supporting substance gathered by honeybees from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It helps support our immune system and body health.

Cool Beauty™- Per veggie capsule: Radix Puerariae 45mg, Calcium L-aspartate 350mg, Zinc Lactate 25mg.

Immune Care™- Vitamin C 100mg, Garlic extract 350mg, Propolis 100mg

Cool Beauty™-

Oral, 1 to 2 times daily, Before or after meal.
35-45 years old females: 1 to 2 veggie capsules daily.
45-55 years old females: 2 to 3 veggie capsules daily.
Above 55 years old females: 3 veggie capsules daily.
(Unsuitable for women during menstruation period, pregnant and lactating women

Immune Care™-Oral, Take 1-2 caplets, 2 times daily. Before or after meal.

Caution: Unsuitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women.


Based on 15 reviews

Helen Lim - 23-06-2022

The hotline service is very good. My mother called QN's hotline. She is 56 years old and they introduced it to my mother patiently. Currently purchased cool Beauty, Bone Essential and Plant Glucosamine. If it works well, I will buy it for my mom again.

Mary Quek - 27-12-2022

服用Cool Beauty有四年多了, 朋友也都在问我保持靓丽肌肤的秘诀,而且天天都充满活力。

Ben Ong - 27-12-2022

My BP level has dropped too. Good.

Vincent Koo - 29-12-2022

Very effective, Popped 4 tablets /day and the mild cold symthoms went away the next morning. Definately more effective than VitC.

Melvin Lim - 30-12-2022

Bought for my family. Highly recommended by my friend who has few times close contacts with covid patients and remains negative.

Susan Ho - 30-12-2022

It helps so much with my hot flush and my mood swing. I have realized I can sleep better. Thank you.

Sebastian Wong - 30-12-2022

Friends highly recommended. said the Garlic extract with Vitamins C can help my BP level and the Propolis help in fighting my inflammation.

Lucy Ong - 04-01-2023

Was having sore throat and Cough but no fever last week. After taking 2 tablets in the morning and 2 Tablets in evening. the symptoms gone. Buying more for my family and Mother.

Jamie Chua - 05-01-2023

My cousin recommended me and been taking 2 Capsules a day for almost 3 weeks, now i hardly feels the hot flushes on shoulder and feels very calming when near to bed time.

Carrie Wong - 10-01-2023

Night cramps in the calves woke me from my sleep and is a much relieve that it seldom happens again anymore. Was told that Cool beauty can slow down calcium loss, keeping my bone stronger.

KY Lim - 16-01-2023

My FIL share with me this marvellous product, took it twice when i 1st felt a little sore in my throat, with runny nose too. surprisingly my throat got better and all my flu symthoms were gone by day3

Amy Ng - 17-01-2023


Florence Cheung - 17-01-2023

I take Omega tree together with their Immune Care. I can feel my morning sinus has gone! Thank you!

Angeline Ong - 17-01-2023

My sister has been consuming this product and told me that this helps to increase estrogen in our body which stimulate collagen production. I can feel the smoothness in my skin after using it for 3 months. I also feel I can sleep better at night. Thank you!

Marilyn Ong - 17-01-2023

It's been a low in my life experiencing perimenopause and couldnt focus on my work either. My best friend shared her experience and i gave it a try myself. And i had always been grateful to her for recommending me Cool Beauty 3 years ago.

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