Cool Man™ + Prost-AID™ + Immune Care™ - 60 Caplets x 3 boxes

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Look Strong Feel Strong

COOL MANTM is formulated with maca, morindae officinalis radix, epimedium, cynomorium, tongkat ali, lycium barbarum & American ginseng. It helps to maintain the well-being of male internal environment; enhances vitality, energy and strengths; confidence internally and externally.

Cynomorium, Epimedium & Morindae Officinalis Radix
Nourishes the kidneys while strengthening tendons and bones. Conditions our body to increase strength, vitality, energy, and endurance in order to sustain a robust lifestyle.

Maca, Tongkat Ali

Improve male’s energy and increases physical performance, endurance and drive while alleviating menopausal symptoms. Improves sleep performance and memory, and maintain the prostate’s health.

American Ginseng & Lycium Barbarum

Support kidney functions while nourishing the body from within. Support your immune system, relieves fatigue and brightens up the skin, thereby boosting the confidence and charisma of men.

Prostate health is very important to men. As age increases, the loss of prostate nutrients will increase, and prostate becomes unhealthy. Between the ages of 40 and 59, 60% of men already have unhealthy prostate. When are men nearing the age of 60, 75% of them would have unhealthy prostate. PROST-AID™is formulated with several plant-based ingredients which help support prostate health.



Saw Palmetto Extract

The most popular herb taken for supporting prostate health. Saw palmetto helps metabolism and nutrients of prostate.


Widely used in Europe to support prostate condition and maintain prostate health.

Pumpkin Seeds Extract

The special oil (pumpkin seed oil) and various amino acids extracted from pumpkin seeds provide nutrients to prostate, improve and recover prostate function.

Triple Ingredients for Your Immunity

Immunity is very important to our health. Some plant-based ingredients help support good immunity. IMMUNE- CARETM is formulated with three natural ingredients for your immunity.


Vitamin C For short-term and long-term immunity benefits, Vitamin C is a basic supplement. It helps support airway epithelial cells and respiratory system health.

Garlic Extract Rich in garlic extract, allicin helps to support healthy immune system and build up weak body.

Propolis  A natural immune-supporting substance gathered by honeybees from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It helps support our immune system and body health.

Cool Man™ - Per caplet: Maca 200mg, Morindae officinalis radix 150mg, Epimedium 50mg, Cynomorium 50mg, Tongkat Ali 50mg, Lycium barbarum 30mg, American ginseng 20mg.

Prost-Aids™ -Per caplet: Saw Palmetto 160mg, Nettle Extract 120mg, Pumpkin Seeds extract 200mg. 

Immune Care™ - Vitamin C 100mg, Garlic extract 350mg, Propolis 100mg

Cool Man™ - Oral, Take 1 caplet 1-2 times daily, before or after meal.

Prost-Aids™ -Oral, Take 1-2 caplets 2 times daily. Before meal or after meal.

Immune Care™ - Oral, Take 1-2 caplets, 2 times daily. Before or after meal.

Caution: Unsuitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women.


Based on 25 reviews

Jason Leng - 29-06-2022

Thank you to QN Wellness Prost-Aid, after taking for 2 weeks, my prostate issues has shown improvement. Good sleep till morning......

Edward Kok - 15-07-2022

Good product !

Jef Wang - 24-12-2022

朋友让我帮他买。 听说效果很好。

Ben Ong - 27-12-2022

I have HBP, I can feel that I'm stronger with Cool Man. Esp. in the morning.

Ben Ong - 27-12-2022

My BP level has dropped too. Good.

James Lee - 28-12-2022

Recommended by my Gym instructor.

Lim Lim - 28-12-2022


Vincent Koo - 29-12-2022

Very effective, Popped 4 tablets /day and the mild cold symthoms went away the next morning. Definately more effective than VitC.

Melvin Lim - 30-12-2022

Good product. make me feel younger and confident.

Melvin Lim - 30-12-2022

Bought for my family. Highly recommended by my friend who has few times close contacts with covid patients and remains negative.

HongSan Lee - 30-12-2022

Hotline service is very good, very patient. I spoken to Irene, She slowly explained to me the benefits of the product. The product really helped me with my physical problems.

Sebastian Wong - 30-12-2022

This product has help in my frequent urine issues.

Sebastian Wong - 30-12-2022

Friends highly recommended. said the Garlic extract with Vitamins C can help my BP level and the Propolis help in fighting my inflammation.

CY Yeh - 04-01-2023

Recommended my close friend who has been taking their products for many years. I would like to try it since it is full plant based.

CY Yeh - 04-01-2023

Have to wake up at least 3 times through a night. Sleep was non-quality, It improved to just 1 time or non after 1 month of Prost-Aid, Had since reduced my dosage to 2 a day as maintenance.

Lucy Ong - 04-01-2023

Was having sore throat and Cough but no fever last week. After taking 2 tablets in the morning and 2 Tablets in evening. the symptoms gone. Buying more for my family and Mother.

YongYong Heng - 05-01-2023

I'm happy with these products. Now I can sleep through out the night without disturb.

King Tan - 05-01-2023

Felt like was given a booster before my Gym sessions the early evening, Feeling more energized and less lethargic. Wonderful product

KY Lim - 16-01-2023

My FIL share with me this marvellous product, took it twice when i 1st felt a little sore in my throat, with runny nose too. surprisingly my throat got better and all my flu symthoms were gone by day3

Amy Ng - 17-01-2023


Florence Cheung - 17-01-2023

I take Omega tree together with their Immune Care. I can feel my morning sinus has gone! Thank you!

Kevin Loo - 17-01-2023

almost reaching my 50s, probably experiencing low testosterone, couldnt find the energy and stamina before the day ends. Been on Cool Man for since 2 months ago and my lifestyle improved so much, Late evening jog and cycling is now part of my weekly routine.

Heng Ng - 17-01-2023

Had always been embarrassing for wetting the toilet, drips alot at the last bit. Till i started Prost-aid 2 years ago, feeling great now and even night loo frequency also reduced to 1 the most.

Jason Sun - 17-01-2023

以前开出租车开到六个钟, 就没金身,没劲了。自从吃了Cool Man后 , 多开两三个钟都没问题啦

DanLee TiongHin - 31-01-2023

Good products ! excellent !

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