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Immune Care™ - 60 Tablets x 3 boxes(Super Value Pack)

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Triple Ingredients for Your Immunity

Immunity is very important to our health. Some plant-based ingredients help support good immunity. IMMUNE- CARETM is formulated with three natural ingredients for your immunity.


Vitamin C For short-term and long-term immunity benefits, Vitamin C is a basic supplement. It helps support airway epithelial cells and respiratory system health.

Garlic Extract Rich in garlic extract, allicin helps to support healthy immune system and build up weak body.

Propolis  A natural immune-supporting substance gathered by honeybees from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It helps support our immune system and body health.

Vitamin C 100mg, Garlic extract 350mg, Propolis 100mg

Oral, Take 1-2 Tablets, 2 times daily. Before or after meal.

Caution: Unsuitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

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