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Metabo-Care™ - 60 Tablets x 1 box

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Help Sugar Metabolism & Blood Circulation Support Eye, Kidney, Leg & Foot Health

METABO-CARETM is formulated with three natural ingredients which help support sugar metabolism, blood circulation, supporting the health of the small blood vessels and nerves of eyes, heart, kidneys, legs and feet.

Buckwheat (240mg) Contains elements which support the function of pancreas. It also supports healthy sugar metabolism in the body.

Ginkgo (25mg) Supports blood circulation to the brain, eye, heart, kidney and food etc., which supplies oxygen and nutrients; that helps sugar metabolism and supports body health.

Propolis (100mg) A natural immune-supporting sub- stance gathered by bees from trees. It can support the health of the skin and small blood vessels.

Oral, Take 1-2 tablets, 2 times daily, Before or after meal.

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