Vision Care™ + Liver-Care Pro™ - 60 veggie capsules / caplets x 2 boxes

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QN VISION CARE™ capsules are refined from lutein, blueberry extract, β-carotene, chrysanthemum extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin B2. It has the effect to support vision, provide necessary nutrient for eye health, helps to reduce eye fatigue and dryness and support improvement of visual performance.


QN LIVER-CARE PRO™ is refined from herbs that have the effect to support healthy liver function and provide necessary nutrient to aid in the detoxification process, help protect the liver by eliminating wastes and toxins. Support repair function on liver.

Silymarin supports anti-fatty liver, is conducive to the recovery of toxic liver damage, and support cirrhosis recovery. Protects liver cells from toxins and repairs damaged liver cells.

Oleanolic Acid has the effect of reducing glutamate transaminase and degreasing. Improve symptoms in patients with acute viral infection and to protect the liver. Bupleurum enhance liver and bile detox, relieve depression, and clear body damp-heat constitution, to support healthy liver.

Schisandra promotes liver detoxification

Salvia improves blood supply to the cardiovascular blood vessels, improve cell activity.


Vision Care™ - Per veggie capsule: Lutein 200mg, Blueberry extract 200mg, β-carotene 20mg, Chrysanthemum extract 50mg, Vitamin A 400ug, Vitamin B 2ug.

Liver-Care Pro™ -  Per caplet: Silymarin 150mg, Oleanolic Acid 20mg, Bupleurum 110mg, Schisandra 100mg, Salvia 50mg

Vision Care™ - SUGGESTED USE                            Oral, 2 times a day, 1-2 veggie capsules each time.

Liver-Care Pro™ - SUITABLE POPULATION               18-year-old onwards. Recommended for people that long-term stay up late, drink lots of alcohol, medication and high transaminase, fatty liver and those who has liver fibrosis.

SUGGESTED USE                            Oral, 2 times a day, 1-2 caplets each time.
                                                          30 minutes after meals, 2 times a day, 1 to 2 tablets each time.


Based on 13 reviews

Fong Ai - 03-10-2022

After taking it for two weeks, my eyes feel less dry.

Marilyn Ong - 28-12-2022

After a week on this product, I can feel my eye floaters has reduced significantly and my eyes not so dry. Good!

Ray Ang - 28-12-2022

Good and effective.

kk Chong - 30-12-2022

My Dad started taking this Liver Supplement since Oct, Had slowly felt the improvement in his mental sharpness and doen't feel the early evening fatigue, can at least pick up 2-3 more passengers each day.

Lucy Ong - 04-01-2023

Was introduced to their Vision care at bedok health fair, Kudos to QN team, eventually stopped applying eye drops and still felt fresh, bye bye dry eyes.

Jamie Chua - 05-01-2023

Been bothered by the tireness & blooshots in my eyes after 2 hours on my ebook in the evening, started to feel improvement after taking for 3 weeks.

King Tan - 05-01-2023

After taking it for a month, my eyes are no longer dry. I highly recommend. I will also continue to take it to protect my eyes

KY Lim - 16-01-2023

Always have blurred vision, feeling so dry in my eyes after 2-3 hours looking at computer screen,.Will continue as felt the dryness is less servere now. their staff suggested to increase to 2 capsules/day and within 2 weeks the fatigue and blurry had improved much. Great product!

Kimmy Loo - 17-01-2023

was advised to take both their eye care and liver care. so far the result is very good.

Kimmy Loo - 17-01-2023

was advise to take both their eye care and liver care. so far the result is very good.

Debbie Chua - 17-01-2023

My husband's liver health been troubling him with elevated ALT reading. He is on his 5th Bottle now and the numbers are dropping gradually. TYVM for this wonderful product!

LOH KIAHOWE - 07-02-2023

After taking 2 bottles of Vision Care, my eye dryness gone. It also helps my vision clearer. Thanks to QN Wellness.

LOH KIAHOWE - 07-02-2023

Before I had mouth smell and after taking Liver-Care Pro, it's solved my problem. Now I am confidence to talk near to my colleagues, friends and lovely wife. Thank you QN Wellness. Cheers....

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