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Festive Gifting Bundle for Men's Needs [Save $41 with this set

Festive Gifting Bundle for Men's Needs [Save $41 with this set

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Unlock Your Peak Performance: Enhance Men's Vitality with Cool Man™

Every man deserves to live life to the fullest, full of stamina, confidence, and happiness. But as the years go by, it's natural for men to experience changes in vitality and testosterone levels. The good news is that you can revitalize your life with Cool Man™, a groundbreaking natural testosterone supplement formulated with a blend of powerful natural ingredients.    

Understanding Men's Vitality

As men age, they may notice a decrease in stamina, energy levels, and overall vitality. These changes are often linked to declining testosterone levels. Common symptoms include fatigue, reduced muscle mass, low libido, and mood fluctuations.

Boosting Testosterone

Cool Man™ is designed to support men's vitality by naturally increasing testosterone levels. Our carefully selected ingredients work synergistically to provide a holistic approach to men's health.

Benefits of Cool Man™

Increased Stamina

Feel a surge of energy and stamina that keeps you going throughout the day.

Elevated Testosterone

Boosted testosterone levels can lead to improved muscle tone, vitality, and libido.

Enhanced Mood

Experience a brighter outlook and increased confidence.

Greater Satisfaction

Enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying life, both in and out of the bedroom.

Triple Plant-based Ingredients

Cool Man™ is formulated with maca, morindae officinalis radix, epimedium, cynomorium, tongkat ali, lycium barbarum & American ginseng. It helps to maintain the well-being of male internal environment; enhances vitality, energy and strengths; confidence internally and externally.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)

This herb has a long history of use in traditional medicine to boost libido and enhance sexual performance.

Morindae Officinalis Radix

Known for its energy-boosting properties, this herb can improve stamina and overall vitality.


A superfood that helps improve mood, increase energy, and enhance sexual function.

Tongkat Ali

Also called "Long Jack," it's believed to increase testosterone levels, leading to improved muscle mass and libido.

American Ginseng

Renowned for its adaptogenic properties, American Ginseng can help combat fatigue and promote mental clarity.

Lycium Barbarum (Goji Berry)

Packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients, it supports overall well-being and immune function.


A traditional Chinese herb that may enhance sexual function and boost stamina.

Each caplets contains

200 mg


150 mg

Morindae officinalis radix

20 mg

American Ginseng

50 mg


50 mg

Tongkat Ali

30 mg

Lycium barbarum

50 mg


Suggested Use

Oral, Take 1 caplet 1-2 times daily, before or after meal.

What do they say about Cool Man™ ?

Listen to what men who have tried Cool Man™ have to say

I'm a Grab Driver and has been taking their Cool Man for few years. This improved formula is better than their old version. I can feel the different with added Tongkat Ali and Maca. I also have much lesser toilet calls while driving. Good!!

Sebatian Wong

"I'm amazed at how much more energy I have. I feel like I'm in my prime again."

Dennis Lim


Reignite your vitality, boost your stamina, and embrace a happier, more confident you with Cool Man™. It's time to unlock your peak performance and savor every moment of life. Start your journey towards vitality and well-being today.

Ready to embark on your path to peak performance?
Take Cool Man™ and witness the transformation firsthand.

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Do I take QN Wellness health supplements before meal?

You may do so but by consuming after meals shall further enhance the absorption by human body.

Is there any known side-effect from taking QN Wellness health supplements?

As all ingredients used in our products are extracted from plants, there are no known side-effect till date.

Can QN Wellness health supplements be taken together with other medication / products?

For best results, keep an hour interval before / after.

I had taken 3 bottles or around 2-3 months, but I don’t see much improvement.

Results may varies according to each individual body constitution and also dependent on dosage.

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