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Vision Care™

Vision Care™

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Vision Care: Nurturing Your Sight for a Brighter Tomorrow

Our vision is a precious gift that allows us to experience the world in all its beauty. Yet, it's often taken for granted until issues arise. Enter Vision Care™, your trusted ally in maintaining and enhancing vision health. Crafted with a blend of plant-based ingredients, including Lutein, Blueberry extract, β-carotene, Chrysanthemum extract, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B, it's time to discover why vision health deserves your attention.

The Importance of Vision Health

Vision is more than just seeing; it's a gateway to understanding, connecting, and experiencing life to the fullest.

Daily Functioning

Good vision is essential for everyday tasks, from reading to driving and recognizing loved ones.


Healthy vision supports independence and the ability to engage fully in life's activities.

Quality of Life

The world is a colorful tapestry, and vibrant vision enriches your experiences.

Common Causes of Vision Health Issues

Numerous factors can impact vision health, including:


Age-related vision issues like cataracts and macular degeneration become more common as we get older.

Lifestyle Choices

Poor diet, smoking, and excessive UV exposure can harm vision.

Digital Eye Strains

Prolonged screen time can lead to digital eye strain and discomfort.


A family history of eye conditions may increase your risk.

Ways to Improve
Vision Health


Consume a diet rich in leafy greens, colorful fruits, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Eye Protection

Wear sunglasses with UV protection and use screen filters to reduce digital eye strain

Regular Check-Ups

Schedule eye exams to catch and address issues early.

See the World in Full Color

Consider incorporation VIsion Care™ into your daily routine to support your eye health. Unlock the potential of Vision Care™ and experience the joy of vibrant, healthy vision. health.

Triple Plant-based Ingredients

Vision Care™ capsules are refined from lutein, blueberry extract, β-carotene, chrysanthemum extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin B2. It has the effect to support vision, provide necessary nutrient for eye health, helps to reduce eye fatigue and dryness and support improvement of visual performance.


Known for protecting the retina and reducing the risk of age-related eye conditions.


Rich in antioxidants, blueberries help combat oxidative stress in the eyes.


Precursor to Vitamin A, essential for maintaining good vision.


Used traditionally for eye health, it may reduce eye strain.

Vitamin A

Vital for maintaining the health of the cornea and other eye tissues.

Vitamin B

Supports overall eye health and may reduce the risk of cataracts.

Each caplets contains

200 mg


200 mg

Blueberry Extract

20 mg


50 mg

Chrysanthemum extract

400 ug

Vitamin A

2 ug

Vitamin B

Suggested Use

Oral, 2 times a day, 1-2 veggie capsules each time.

What do they say about Vision Care™ ?

Discover the experiences of individuals who have benefited from Vision Care™

After a week on this product, I can feel my eye floaters has reduced significantly and my eyes not so dry. Good!

King Tan

Was introduced to their Vision care at bedok health fair, Kudos to QN team, eventually stopped applying eye drops and still felt fresh, bye bye dry eyes.

Lucy Ong


Your vision is a masterpiece of nature, and preserving it should be a priority. "Vision Care" is here to help you nurture your sight for a brighter and clearer tomorrow.

Ready to Embrace Vision Wellness?
Try Vision Care™ and take the first step toward preserving and enhancing your precious gift of sight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

After taking 2 bottles of Vision Care, my eye dryness gone. It also helps my vision clearer. Thanks to QN Wellness

Nice to hear about the positive effects of Vision Care on your eye health. 'Vision Care' is here to help you nurture your sight for a brighter and clearer tomorrow. :)

Kimmy Loo

I have chosen their eye care product over other brand because of their claims on 100% plant based. I'm glad that it works really well and I can feel my vision getting better.

We're delighted to hear that it has worked well for you. The improvement in your vision is fantastic, and we're grateful to have been a part of supporting your eye health. Thank you for choosing our product, and we wish you continued well-being and clear vision!

Carrie Wong

Good. I can feel the different.

Your trust in us is invaluable, If you have any more feedback to share or if there's anything else we can assist you with, please feel free to reach out.

KY Lim

Always have blurred vision, feeling so dry in my eyes after 2-3 hours looking at computer screen,.Will continue as felt the dryness is less servere now. their staff suggested to increase to 2 capsules/day and within 2 weeks the fatigue and blurry had improved much. Great product!

Thank you for choosing Vision Care, if there's anything else we can assist you with, please feel free to reach out.

King Tan

After a week on this product, I can feel my eye floaters has reduced significantly and my eyes not so dry. Good!

Enjoy the benefits of your purchase, and thank you for being a part of our community!

Frequently Asked Question

Do I take QN Wellness health supplements before meal?

You may do so but by consuming after meals shall further enhance the absorption by human body.

Is there any known side-effect from taking QN Wellness health supplements?

As all ingredients used in our products are extracted from plants, there are no known side-effect till date.

Can QN Wellness health supplements be taken together with other medication / products?

For best results, keep an hour interval before / after.

I had taken 3 bottles or around 2-3 months, but I don’t see much improvement.

Results may varies according to each individual body constitution and also dependent on dosage.

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